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Were it all did begin, i will tell you now.


In June 2010 we went to Chersonissos Crete.

During that vacation we always went to the same bar, it was a great time there.

The people who worked there and also the boss,

ware always busy to entertain us (they did a lot with cocktails).

Nice conversations ,good music end a lot of fun, it was all there.

In that time i thought a lot to begin a own radio station.

At the end of our vacation, we did get a T-shirts from the boss,

With the name of the bar on it.

As you can guess, black cactus on it !!

There was the name, end there was my idea !!

A year later (2011) Was i ready and did go for it.




Time-line in years:




              We did start to be a legal station 24/7. Logo 2




                          (blackcactus.nl, blackcactus.eu, radioblackcactus.com, end blackcactus.net)

                          That program did start be course we did get a lot of like`s out off Suriname.

                         (Pokudosu means radio in surinaams).





                       There is also a video clip off it.

                       And a date, the  14 e, not to forget the band's, Posters where made and flyers.

                        Allso the local radio did work with us, and did put the concert live on television.




                       Be course of the high cost from Buma/Sena (to sent out legal), end not enough listeners.


                        Jingles, promo`s and the website, still working on it. for now no date to go live again.                 






                                                                              For now cheers!



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